We contribute to the society through multilingual tour guide and translation. You can fully enjoy the natural scenery around Kamakura, Shonan and Yokohama. A guide well acquainted with Japanese culture and history will give a tour around Kamakura and Yokohama. We support non-citizens who have an interest in our culture with activities such as staying at a Japanese traditional house. We work for all non-Japanese who have an interest in Japanese culture. We support non-Japanese by offering translation service in daily life such as school, hospital and local community.

Enjoy the culture! Tour guide:
A tour guide familiar with Japanese culture and history will take you around Kamakura and Yokohama. With our tour you can fully experience and enjoy Japanese culture. Multiple languages are offered including Japanese, English and Chinese.

Interpretation in various occasions:
Foreigners living in Japan may encounter troubles due to differences in culture. We can support your social life by attending as an interpreter in various situations such as school or hospital.

Translation for living:
We will translate documents such as Visa application, resume, Government-issued journal or any other documents necessary in daily life. Multiple languages are offered including English, Chinese and Korean, available across the country.

Staying at a traditional Japanese-style house:
We support you to stay at a traditional Japanese house to experience authentic Japanese lifestyle. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the culture and history.